Physiotherapy Treatment

PhysiotherapyDo you need to recover from an injury in order to regain normal movement? Chiropractic Clinics of South Florida offers Physiotherapy treatments in Miami, Miami lakes, north Miami, Kendall, west palm beach and Pompano Florida. Physiotherapy helps you recover from an injury in order to regain normal movement and function of the injured area as soon as possible. Physiotherapy rehabilitates sports and work related injuries and is very beneficial in the prevention of future injuries.

Physiotherapy aims to maximize quality of life through a range of treatment techniques designed to restore movement and function within the body. It aims to help individuals develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability. Typical treatment consists of modalities (such as ultrasound or laser) and exercise and stretching advice. Physiotherapy is used to treat almost all muscle and joint conditions.

Our Physiotherapists teach their patients how to heal acute injuries and manage chronic pain. They examine each individual client and develop an appropriate plan of actions. Physiotherapy treatment techniques enhance the ability to move, whilst reducing pain, restoring functional movement, and preventing future injury and disability. Although this is the physical side of physiotherapy practice, in the process of rebuilding the body, the therapist also rebuilds confidence and optimism. Some might even say that they rebuild lives.

The Impact of Injury on Your Body

There are Over 300 bones and 600 muscles comprise the human body. We depend on these muscles and bones for functions such as getting dressed and brushing our teeth. These muscles also help us in actions such as dancing, walking, running, playing with our kids and pets, and participating in a sport. Injuries alter our movement patterns and interfere with our ability to participate in sport and recreation. The loss of these abilities can have an adverse effect on your outlook on life.   If you are unable to do regular activities in your life, Contact our experienced Doctors today for an appointment. Let Dr. Garrett Weinstein and his team of Chiropractors help you to the road on recovery today so you can life a better tomorrow.

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