Personal Injury

Have you been in road traffic accidents, accident at work, home or accident while you were on a holiday?  At Chiropractic Clinics of South Florida, we are here to help.  If you were recently in an auto accident, you need to be examined. Often, accident victims do not notice any pain or other symptoms until weeks after the accident.

If you have a minor injury, it is recommended that you should be examined and treatment options should be provided by a doctor.  We have worked with claims adjusters and insurance companies for over 19 years and we know the type of reports and documentation that they want. We do all of the paperwork so that your claim is handled quickly and easily. Your job is to get better.

Work Related Injuries

Seeking proper medical care for injuries from a work related accident is crucial. Vehicle accidents don’t necessarily have to be a car or truck, construction accidents can involve a crane, forklift, tractor, or bulldozer.

Why Choose Our Office?

We get our patients results. Our chiropractic office provides a variety of treatment plans to help you quickly recover from your injuries. In addition, we do all of the paper work and submit all the necessary reports and claim forms to the insurance companies. Accidents such as Car accident cases must be properly documented in order for the car insurance companies to process your claim, and we take care of all of that. Your focus needs to be on getting well, not complicated insurance forms.