Millions of Americans feel the negative effects of stress every day. In fact, many Americans suffer from chronic stress. Factors include worrying about job security, being overworked, driving in rush-hour traffic, or arguing with your spouse. They can be physical (car accident, repetitive motion), emotional (deadlines, death in the family), or even chemical (too much caffeine, hormonal imbalance). If you’re feeling the effects of stress, it’s important that you do whatever you can to avoid the negative effects. Chronic stress can lead to severe health problems. According to a recent survey by the American Psychology Association, fifty-four percent of Americans are concerned about the level of stress in their everyday lives and two-thirds of Americans say they are likely to seek help for stress.

Our Chiropractors will ask questions to determine what issues are contributing to your discomfort and stress. Then, a plan can be laid out to eliminate those issues through chiropractic adjustments. This is typically done through manipulating the back by a therapeutic intervention on the joints along the spine. Physical responses to stress are not to be taken lightly. An increase in blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and dementia are the nervous system’s response to stress. Stress can also cause chronic systemic inflammation which contributes to the development of many degenerative diseases.

Benefits of Receiving Chiropractic Adjustments:

  • Reduced stress with regular adjustments
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Facilitate proper bowel functions
  • Relief from neck and lower back pain
  • Healthy Lifestyle